3 Big Mistakes in Event Management

3 Big Mistakes in Event Management 1

Being an event manager requires you to tackle all part sof the event life cycle effectively. While time management and delegations are effective skills, these may not be enough to cement the success of an event. One of the best solutions to use for event management is the event planner software. This type of software has several functions that are beneficial for both event managers and attendees.

To bolster success, here are three mistakes to avoid in event planning:

  1. Not allowing online registration and ticketing

Event organizers market their events online for the sheer convenience that it entails. Social media has a good grasp on the life style of many prospective attendees, so it is only normal that advertisements and marketing efforts are focused online. However, there are still some event managers who choose to go through the traditional route by only marketing events offline. This is one of the biggest mistakes in event management since many prospective attendees want to register and get tickets through the internet. An event website functions 24/7 and, as such, tickets can be purchased anytime and anywhere.

  1. Not using all features of an event management software

Another mistake that event professionals comm. It is when they invest in event management software but do not use it to its full potential. There is learning curve associated to any software but, like any learning curve, it can always be overcome. Some event managers however do not have the time and willingness to learn all the features associated to a software product. It is important to always master any tool. What you can do is avail of free trials or ask for a free demo from the software provider to see if the products agreeable. If you would like to focus on attendee registration and ticketing, you may invest in an event registration software.

  1. Not encouraging attendees to network

Lastly, it is one big mistake to not provide any opportunities for attendees to network. The networking component in any event is important for attendees to form common goals with other participants. If you are simply designing events to let attendees listen to a speaker, the event becomes monotonous and even boring to a certain extent. You should provide tools such as the event app where attendees can message one another and become part of online communities.

If you would like to know more about letting your attendees network, try to read more about the venue management software.

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