3 Powerful Features of an Event App to Consider

Many event organizers are considering the option of providing a mobile application for their attendees such as the event app and the event check-in app. After all, the event app is a straight forward solution to keep attendees engaged through out an event. If you would like to know more about this type of app, read along and know the different feature so fan event management app.

1.) Social Media Integration

Social media integrationist one of the best features of an event app since many attendees are inclined to share their experiences online. Providing the man app with social media functions empowers them to generate an online buzz for your event. An example of social media integrations optimizing the app with a stock selfie frame. Attendees can take selfies with the customized frame and upload them to linked social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Event hashtags can also be used and all social media posts can then be displayed through an activity wall on the app.

2.) Networking Tools

If you would like to know about the different networking capabilities of an EMS, read more about the event planning software. This type of soft ware when optimized for mobile use allows your attendees to enjoy different tools. The most common ones are in-app messaging and arranged meetings. Once your attendees have the event app downloaded to their mobile devices, they may send messages and take part in arranged meetings with other attendees or event participants. This is particularly helpful for business and professional conferences where attendee interactions highly encouraged.

3.) Push Notifications

Last but not the least; an event app may generate push notifications during an event. Since the app has data integrated with event management software, it functions as a source of information and event reminders. If your attendees should join talks or meetings, the app can automatically prod them to be on time. In a trade show, for example, when an exhibitor has an arranged meeting with a buyer or investor, the push notifications will remind both parties to come to a certain place in the venue – most probably the exhibitor’s stand.

In Conclusion

Those are only some of the things that may be achieved using a delegate event app. While the three features mentioned here are considered staple, there are other features as well that you should explore. Alternatively, you may also read about the events cheduling software.

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