5 Team Building Activities to allure Engagement in a Corporate Event

5 Team Building Activities to allure Engagement in a Corporate Event 3

Corporate events are the type of hospitality or social activity carried out by the business entities with a target to encourage collaboration, mark key milestones, manage organizational changes, to reward and motivate their employees, and also to attract the attendees. Corporate events are beyond their employees, stakeholders, customers, clients, and board members.

Corporate events host trade shows, gala dinners, awards including the team building activities. Corporate employees come over with a lot of tension & pressure of work which makes it hard for them to pursue productive work that creates trouble in accomplishing the organizational targets. Sometimes corporate employees have a problem in liking their teammates, due to lack of communication and bonding.

Corporate events organize team building activities which are an initiative for corporate employees to overcome their stress. These activities are not only for employees but the audiences also.


Do Team building activities help in the audience engagement at corporate events?

Corporate events schedule team building activities to attract the attendee more in their organizations.

Team building activities in Corporate Events lead to boosting up the interests of the attendee and strengthens the relationship with the guests. These team building activities also help in creating a positive impact among the visitors leading to the thought that the entity organizes events for their employee’s encouragement and bonding.

Team building activities also help in getting the employees somehow farther from their normal office routines resulting in intermingling with their co-workers with whom they don’t normally interact.

Team Building Activities

Some activities would foster better collaboration and communication among the employees.

1. Scavenger Hunt:

One of the most helpful and interesting activities that encourage employees to work together with their teammates and colleagues.

Rules: A team of two or more is required with a pen and paper. The dopey tasks are created by a team for the other team to be done as a group. Tasks can include taking a selfie with a stranger, talking to a stranger, or taking pictures of anything in or around the office, or any other fun crazy challenging thing. The tasks would be given by each team to the other team with a deadline(> 1 hour) in which they have to complete the task. Whoever completes the tasks in the abrupt time will be the winner. The employees and visitors will enjoy the activity and will feel rejuvenated after fun challenges.

2. The Perfect Square:

Activity spotlights the strong communication and leadership skills, also include trust among the colleagues.

Rules: Everyone should stand blindfolded in a circle holding a piece of rope. Now you guys have to set the rope on the floor and step a little back from the circle. After doing so, your target will be of forming a square with that rope without removing your blindfold. The task must be done in the given time limit i.e., 15-25 minutes. The activity requires a spacious place.

3. Cook-off:

It requires creativity leading everyone to put their team and leadership skills into action.

Rules: A fun activity in which a team is divided into smaller teams. The team will pick up a food category and challenges the other teams to whip up something delicious. The category could be anything from ice cream to pizza, to salsa, etc. The challenging team can add some shape category or give the same ingredient to be used by each whether making pizza or ice cream or salsa. This team could be formed including anyone from employees and audiences.

4. Board Game Tournament:

A fun activity, incentivized with the rewards performed by individuals including employees and audiences.

Rules: A team-wide board game tournament with some great games. Finest games that cheer everyone include Boggle, Jenga and even games using good old playing cards. Winners will be rewarded for first, second and third place.

5 Team Building Activities to allure Engagement in a Corporate Event 4

5. Karaoke Night:

An Interactive entertainment activity or contest for best individual or group karaoke performance, which freshen ups the mood of every individual.

Rules: The best activity to make every individual get out of their comfort zone and sing some karaoke. The activity lights up the Corporate event delightfully.

Team building activities are a great way to reduce employee stress, facilitate bonding with your team members, and give them the chance to get to know one another outside of the office.

It enhances the productivity and organizational targets of the company. Now you’re ready to excite your team with a great time, increasing their happiness and creating a great company culture.

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